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Meet the team

Dr Geert Lampen BVSc: qualified in Pretoria 2001 South Africa; he's got vast experience as life artist from salesman to safari guide in Africa, long-term student to veterinarian. His current special interest is surgery and enjoys running the hospital. He loves good food and when he can is outdoors camping and bushwalking. Currently he's spending all his spare time with his family.

Dr Elena Dreyer BSc BVsc: qualified in Pretoria 2001 South Africa; now a mother and part time veterinarian she also holds the reins in the hospital administration. Her special interests are small animal medicine, exotics (rabbits, guineas, and other little furries), wildlife and birds. Hobbies include bushwalking, horseriding, running and reading. Elena is devoting most of her spare time to raising her children Nicolas and Lukas. Geert and Elena have two rescue cats 'Beepa' and 'Leo'.


Dr Ingrid Martin BVSc: Graduated from The University of Sydney in 1996. Since then she has worked in rural NSW ( Dubbo and Bathurst), Wales and England, before making the Great Lakes area her home. Ingrid has two cats "Fred" and "Molly" and a dog "Nero" and two Cockateils "Birdie" and "Num Num". Ingrid works at Midcoast Animal Hospital but does some after hours for Manning Veterinary Hospital.

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