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Skin Cancer

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A nine year old white Bullterrier female called Whiskey was admited to us for a lump; we believed this to be a malignancy causd by UV light over years of her lying in the sun. We decided to remove the lump after taking chest x-rays to make sure there was no spread. To remove this lump we wanted to take wide margins as this can be a very invasive tumour; in the sequence of pictues one can see the space created by removing the lump; we created a skin flap from her foreleg and rotated it into the defect and closed the large looming hole after placing two drains; she recovered fine; post-op pictures witness the healing event. The lump was diagnosed as a squamous cell carcinoma; the histopathologist also examind the margins of the excision and informed us that they were clear of any tumour cells. This spells good news for Whiskey.

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