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Grooming Over Winter

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Grooming your cats and dogs.

It’s that time of year again when we get our PJ's on, and snuggle!  Lots of dog and cats tend to get quite matted over winter as many owners think that it is too cold to get their pets groomed.  Winter coats tend to mat hair .  Matts are quite uncomfortable as they pinch and pull, enticing the dog to chew at its coat.  Lack of grooming, the environment an animal lives in, or an infestation of fleas can also cause the coat to mat.   
What can we do to prevent these problems?  

  •    Always introduce young pups to grooming as soon as you bring them home. Keeping it pleasant and only short sessions.

  •         Groom your dog regularly this can prevent the need to have you animal totally shaved.

  •          Brush and comb longhaired animals at least every second day.

  •          Try not to bath too often and when you have to bath, use a soap free shampoo.  Leave in conditioners are also   great.

  •       Don’t leave the pet wet for too long either. Dry using a hairdryer checking the heat as you dry.

Grooming also stimulates natural oils in the coat, which make it nice and                                                             shiny.
 Shorthaired breeds also need to have their dead hair removed regularly.  Dogs with thick undercoats are already dumping their hair all over our lounge rooms as we speak!. Even short undercoats can get knotty.  
So, this Winter;  

  •            Comb longhaired dogs and cats, or regular professional grooms.

  •            Bedding up of the ground, we recommend hamock beds, cheap and easy to clean

  •            Feed them a good quality diet.

          Use monthly flea treatments. 

  •           Don't forget to have good quality pj's.

  We offer grooming at our hospital, so call our reception staff for an appointment on
                       6551 3990

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